Are you feeling insecure about your smile? You’re not alone. You probably wouldn’t want to undergo a significant cosmetic dentistry procedure if you have minor smile flaws, and you don’t have to! Consider teeth contouring in Highland Park for a minor adjustment that can dramatically improve the appearance of your smile.

What is Teeth Contouring?

In a quick procedure called teeth contouring (reshaping), Dr. Jones will remove tooth enamel to alter the shape of one or more teeth. In comparison to other dental procedures, this one is more affordable.

What can Teeth Contouring Correct?

Teeth contouring is a cosmetic dental procedure that can correct several issues with your teeth. We can use it to change your teeth’ length, shape, and position. We can also use it to close gaps between teeth or make them look less pointy. Teeth contouring is generally a relatively quick and painless procedure that can have dramatic results. Here are five ways that teeth contouring can improve your smile: 

1. Length: If you have teeth that are too long or too short, teeth contouring can help to even them out. 

2. Shape: If you have teeth that are misshapen or chipped, teeth contouring can help to give them a more uniform appearance. 

3. Position: If your teeth are crooked or overcrowded, teeth contouring can help to improve their alignment. 

4. Gaps: If you have unsightly gaps between your teeth, teeth contouring can help to close them up. 

5. Points: If you have sharp or pointy teeth, teeth contouring can help to soften their appearance. 

What are the Benefits of Teeth Contouring?

You may benefit from teeth contouring in Highland Park if minor flaws like rough spots, pointy canines, or uneven edges detract from your smile. By making slight changes to your bite, you can enhance your smile’s appearance and functionality. 

The straightforward process is as follows:

Quick: Dr. Jones can efficiently treat within the hour. 

Painless: Since tooth enamel lacks nerve endings, you won’t experience any pain as Dr. Jones reshapes your teeth. 

Cost-Effective: One of our most inexpensive cosmetic dental procedures is contouring. 

Less Invasive: Less invasive than veneers or crowns, contouring treatments remove less enamel from the tooth. 

Permanent: Contrary to other cosmetic procedures, contouring results are permanent.

Teeth Reshaping Process

Small amounts of tooth enamel are removed during dental contouring to alter its shape and appearance. Dr. Jones will complete a full X-ray to ensure your teeth are healthy and safe during the treatment. Following your initial examination, Dr. Jones might use a digital system, intraoral indelible pen, or both to mark your teeth. We will concentrate on troublesome regions with stains, cracks, or jagged edges.

We gently remove small amounts of enamel by using sanding tools, such as a sanding disc or a fine diamond bur, to alter the shape of your teeth and eliminate any minor flaws. Before we finish the procedure, the teeth are polished and smoothed. You may require bonding if your teeth need more extensive reshaping due to significant gaps or chipped teeth.

Is Teeth Contouring Safe?

Yes! Teeth contouring is a safe and gentle procedure to help give you a perfect smile. Tooth enamel has no nerve endings, so teeth contouring is pain-free. Most of the time, anesthesia is unnecessary. After the procedure, you may experience temporary mild sensitivity.

Teeth Contouring in Highland Park

Teeth contouring is an effective and affordable way to correct many cosmetic dental issues. If you are unhappy with the appearance of your teeth, talk to Dr. Jones to see if teeth contouring in Highland Park is right for you.